How to Stream to Twitch

How do I Stream on Twitch? Streaming to Twitch is incredibly simple, all you need is a fairly modern computer and OBS. Obviously, the more powerful your PC, the better your stream will look. Using OBS isn't just limited to Twitch, you can also use OBS to stream to YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, and more. If you want to go one further, you can use a two PC setup, this will allow you to have one PC to capture footage and encode it to your streaming platform of choice and the other primarily focused on your content. To use this method, you'll need to use a capture card.

How to Stream on Twitch

Below is a straight to the point video tutorial on how to stream with OBS. Everything you need to get going is in this video. I hope you enjoy it. So if you're a PC gaming, a console gamer, or a creative who wants to stream their activities on Twitch, you'll want to watch. If you want to stream to YouTube, Mixer, or Facebook you'll need to find your access/stream key on their respected websites.

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